In addition to the 1969 and 1970 trading cards, Pilots players appeared in a host of inserts, premiums and odd sets. Many of those items are collected here.

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The Tommy Harper "Big Boy" card, one of a set of approximately 50 oversized cards issued in 1970 and for a few years thereafter.

Tommy Harper 3-D card (1970 Kelloggs Corn Flakes insert)

Don Mincher 3-D card (1970 Kelloggs Corn Flakes insert)

Mike Hegan Scratch-Off (1970 Topps insert)

The Tommy Harper Story comic book (1970 Topps insert)

Pilots team poster (1969 Topps insert)

Don Mincher poster (1970 Topps insert)

Lou Piniella card (Proof of 1970 Topps Super or "Big Boy" set)

  • The background of this page is the same color that appeared on the back of the 1970 Kelloggs Corn Flakes 3-D cards.