One of the most frequent requests I receive is for more information on the Pilots players and it's in response to those requests that I've created this new section.

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    A rare press photo of the Pilots in the Sick's Stadium outfield.
    Jack Aker
    Dick Baney
    Steve Barber
    Dick Bates
    Gary Bell
    Jim Bouton
    Gene Brabender
    Bucky Brandon
    George Brunet
    Ron Clark
    Wayne Comer
    Tommy Davis
    John Donaldson
    Bill Edgerton
    Mike Ferraro
    Mickey Fuentes
    John Gelnar
    Gus Gil
    Greg Goossen
    Jim Gosger
    Larry Haney
    Tommy Harper
    Mike Hegan
    Steve Hovley
    John Kennedy
    Bob Locker
    Skip Lockwood
    Gordy Lund
    Mike Marshall
    Jerry McNertney
    Bob Meyer
    Don Mincher
    Johnny Morris
    John O' Donoghue
    Ray Oyler
    Jim Pagliaroni
    Marty Pattin
    Merritt Ranew
    Garry Roggenburk
    Rich Rollins
    Diego Segui
    Dick Simpson
    Fred Stanley
    Jerry Stephenson
    Fred Talbot
    Gary Timberlake
    Sandy Valdespino
    Freddie Velazquez
    Jose Vidal
    Danny Walton
    Steve Whitaker
    Billy Williams
    Dooley Womack

    Frank Crosetti
    Sal Maglie
    Eddie O' Brien
    Ron Plaza
    Joe Schultz
    Sibby Sisti