I've had more requests for a "where are they today" section than for anything else. I was reluctanct to add one only because the information I had was sketchy or old. Recently, though, I've been receiving reports from the field and have also been doing a lot of digging myself and am satisfied that the information below is accurate and current. For more detailed information, please visit the Milwaukee Brewers Web site, which has a "where are they now" section that includes former Pilots.

If you have information about players who are omitted, please e-mail me.

Jack Aker- Only former big leaguer teaching baseball as a private instructor.

Steve Barber - School bus driver in Las Vegas.

Jim Bouton - Creator of Big League Chew bubble gum. Now a motivational speaker.

Gene Brabender - Died in 1996.

George Brunet - Died in 1991.

Ron Clark - Scout for the Kansas City Royals, lives in Florida.

Wayne Comer - Head coach for the Spotswood High School baseball team in Shenendoah, Virginia.

Frank Crosetti - Died in 2002.

Miguel Fuentes - Died in 1970.

Jim Gosger - Equipment operator for the City of Port Huron.

Tommy Harper - First base coach for Boston Red Sox.

Mike Hegan - Radio and television commentator with the Cleveland Indians.

John Kennedy - Former Yankees scout, now retired and living in Massachusetts.

Skip Lockwood - Golf coach at Emerson College in New Hampshire.

Sal Maglie - Died in 1992.

Jerry McNertney - Recently retired after 10 years of coaching baseball at Iowa State University and 11 years as a coach in the Yankees organization.

Don Mincher - Owner and General Manager for the Huntsville Stars and interim president of the Southern League.

John O'Donoghue - Pitching coach for the Gulf Coast Orioles in Sarasota, Florida.

Ray Oyler - Died in 1981.

Joe Schultz - Died in 1996.

Diego Segui - Competitive bass fisherman. Owns a farm in Kansas City, Kansas.

Gary Timberlake - Chemical Analyst.

Sandy Valdespino - Retired and living in Florida.

Freddie Velazquez - Lives in the Dominican Republic.

Danny Walton - Welder and pipe fitter in Utah. Involved in competitive shooting, hunting and fishing.

Dooley Womack - Commercial carpet salesman in Columbia, South Carolina.

The information below dates from five or six years ago, but I believe it is still current.

Steve Barber - School bus driver in Las Vegas.

Gary Bell - Sells wholesale sporting goods business in San Antonio.

Bill Edgerton - Works at manufacturing plant in South Bend, Indiana.

John Gelnar - Farmer near Lone Wolf, Oklahoma.

Bob Locker - Real estate agent in the San Francisco area.

Johnny Morris - Runs air conditioning business in Glendale, Arizona.

Gerry McNertney - Assistant coach with Iowa State University baseball team.

Jim Pagliaroni - Runs wine business in Grass Valley, CA.

Dick Simpson - Salesman in the Los Angeles area.

Jose Vidal - Lives in the Dominican Republic.