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Bob Hansen as a Triplet.
I was in the front office of the AAA Evansville Triplets in 1972 and 1973, when we were affiliated with the Milwaukee Brewers. Bob Hansen is the only 1969 draftee on your list who was on our roster in 1972 or '73. Evansville was affiliated with the Brewers in 1971 before we bought the ballclub but it is unlikely that anyone from your list was on the 1971 club. In 1974 we switched our affiliation to the Detroit Tigers and remained with them until the Triplets were sold to Nashville after the 1984 season.

Bob was our first baseman throughout the 1972 season and led the American Association in home runs with 25. Fortunately, we acquired the 1971 American Association home run champion, Bill McNulty in spring training and rode their power to our first American Association Championship. Bob had a short career with the Brewers but had several successful seasons in Japan.

He married an Evansville girl and remains in the city.

The other day, I was reading about Ted Williams' final game. I noticed that the opposing pitcher that day was Steve Barber. Is this the same Steve Barber that played with the Pilots?

Also, if you're a PlayStation 2 owner, you might want to know that All Star Baseball 2003 features both Pilots home and road uniforms. They're pretty accurate for a video game, except the home uni's have yellow numbers instead of the correct blue. The road uniforms are pretty good; the blue of the logo patch is darker than the blue wool of the jersey.

Finally, who do we blame for the inaccuracies in the replica Pilots caps that we find today? I would blame Major League Baseball. I don't know if you've ever checked their "Style Guide," but here you'll find the incorrect "scrambled eggs" pattern! Maybe if MLB changes their pattern to the old Roman Pro (accurate) style, then I'll finally be able to purchase another Pilots cap!

NOTE FROM MIKE: Yes, that was the same Steve Barber, in his rookie season. I contacted Acclaim's PR firm to see if they would provide me with one or two Pilots images from the game, but they never answered. The MLB Style Guide takes a long time to load, so here's a screen shot (99kb) of the page to which Steven refers.

Was John Miklos a pitcher? I remember a player by that name who played for Amarillo in the Texas League about 1968 or 69. I was a 15 year old fan of the AA El Paso Sun Kings. There is a John Miklos who is a doctor, I saw it on the Internet.

NOTE FROM MIKE: John Miklos was a pitcher, who was taken by the Pilots from Washington in the 1968 Expansion Draft. He played for the Southern League's Savannah Senators in 1968 and then for the San Antonio Missions of the Texas League in 1969 and that's do doubt the team sturgeonbc was thinking of. The gynecologist on the Web is not the same person.

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