These players were taken by the Pilots in June 1969 regular draft, but apparently did not sign contracts or play in the team's farm system. If there's any doubt whether a given player signed or played, they will appear on this list.

If you have information about these players or ones who are omitted, please e-mail me.

Angell, Larry (RHP, 1st round)
Baughman, W. M.
Braun, Ken (SS, 8th round)
Brosterhous, Greg (IF)
Cain, Steve (RHP)
Chandler, G. D.
Doll, Dwayne (OF)
Drew, R.
Fulgenite, W. F., Jr.
Fuller, William (LHP)
Greggerson, James L. (LHP)
Hansen, Robert (1B/OF)
Hollyfield, Larry (OF, 6th round)
Huggins, Jesse
Jones, Richard (LHP)
Juniel, James (OF)
Lewis, Jerry (1B)
Lynch, Mike (LHP)
Maxwell, Bruce J. (C)
McGrath, G. S.
McSwain, Roger (OF)
Moser, Gene (OF)
Osburn, Larry (LHP)
Patrylo, Ricky (RHP)
Penrickson, Ernie (RHP/OF)
Rhea, Marc (SS)
Rogers, Zack (1B/LHP)
Ryan, J. T.
Ryse, Jeffrey (SS)
Vance, John (C/1B, 9th round)
Vetronacl, John (RHP)
Wall, J. A.
Walsh, J. E., Jr.
Williams, Jack (OF)