One of the most highly-prized Pilots collectibles is the scorebook or program, although one would be hard-pressed to categorize any of them as a work of art.

They were pretty standard programs, remembers Pilots public relations director Bill Sears. About the only difference between them and the minor league programs were that the Pilots were a bit thicker and had more advertising.

There were around eight articles per scorebook, with most of the articles repeating from one edition to another. Virtually all of them featured the same article about general manager Marvin Milkes. That was Marvin! laughs Sears. Another frequent repeat was an article about Jim Bouton and his knuckleball.

A different scorebook came out for each homestand, with five basic cover designs and three additional types that were identical to their predecessor except for color. All nine scorebook covers are reproduced in this section. Eventually, an article from each will be included.

I wrote quite afew of the articles, Sears recalls, but some sportswriters guest-wrote—Lenny Anderson comes to mind. A gentleman named Herb Elk did a lot of selling and wrote some articles. The whole project was edited by a man named Johnson that Dewey Soriano brought in from Houston.

In addition to articles, handy features included the words to Go, Go, You Pilots!, a baseball dictionary ("For Ladies Only"), facts about Sick's Stadium, a listing of radio stations on which the Pilots could be heard and, of course, a list of player transactions and a roster and so that you could tell Gary Roggenburk from Merritt Ranew.

Depending on the condition and style, Pilots scorebooks now sell for anywhere from $20 to $50—a bit more than the 35 cents they cost at the Sick's Stadium concession stands!