In this gallery, you'll find some of the best-remembered Pilots souvenirs, a few that are virtually impossible to find and some that are literally one-of-a-kind.


  • Photo with Dudley and Bill Schonely. [186k]

  • Frankie Crosetti with fans in Montana on goodwill tour. [168k]

  • Tommy Harper's baseball card contract with Topps. [86k]

  • Helmet Day shortage certificate. [89k]

  • Sick's Stadium employee pass. [62k]

  • Press parking pass for 1970 spring training. [119k]

  • Press credential for 1970 spring training. [51k]

  • Clinton Co-Pilots purchase order for Pilots souvenirs. [133k]

  • 1970 spring training ticket. [83k]

  • Restaurant Association welcome lunch ticket. [86k]

  • Pilots business card. [26k]

  • 1969 exchange ticket. [58k]

  • Early Pilots pennant. [58k]