In this gallery, you'll find some of the best-remembered Pilots souvenirs, a few that are virtually impossible to find and some that are literally one-of-a-kind.


  • Gov. Evans and Sen. Jackson present Bill Daley and Joe Schultz with the key to the City. [90k]

  • Tommy Harper in the dugout with a young fan. [76k]

  • Dave Bristol and Jerry McNertney in Tempe, as the Pilots become the Brewers. [132k]

  • Sal Maglie in warm-up jacket. [62k]

  • Jim Gosger color photo proof. [61k]

  • Sportservice hairnet, as worn by Sick's Stadium concession workers. [26k]

  • Candy lid featuring Lou Piniella. [43k]

  • Poster for rock concert before 9/28 game. [86k]

  • Sick's Stadium parking pass for the press. [60k]

  • Sick's Stadium parking pass for a player. [120k]

  • General admission coupon from Bonus Photo. [50k]

  • Envelope for mailing Pilots newsletter. [60k]

  • Letter to Charlie Finley, sending Ron Clark to the A's. [186k]

  • Co-Pilots Club membership card. [109k]