In this gallery, you'll find some of the best-remembered Pilots souvenirs, a few that are virtually impossible to find and some that are literally one-of-a-kind.

A rare postcard of pitcher Bob Locker, produced by photographer, J.D. McCarthy.

  • Kids' size t-shirt in original package. [33k]

  • Paper placemat. [54k]

  • Flyer promoting upcoming Pilots events. [25k]

  • Variant on the small Pilots pennant. [14k]

  • Extremely rare Sick's Stadium matchbook. [26k]

  • Gift certificate good for Pilots merchandise. [11k]

  • Press photo from Tommy Harper Night. [66k]

  • Charm bracelet, type one. [16k]

  • Charm bracelet, type two. [16k]

  • Charm bracelet, type three. [18k]