In this gallery, you'll find some of the best-remembered Pilots souvenirs, a few that are virtually impossible to find and some that are literally one-of-a-kind.

A ticket brochure featuring Rainiers great (and Pilots group ticket sales director) Edo Vanni pointing at Sick's Stadium.
  • A black & white press photo of pitcher Jim O'Toole. [26k]

  • Merritt Ranew popcorn card / Seattle Times press pass. [29k]

  • "Old Woodenface" contest ticket / Bar-S hot dogs ticket voucher. [37k]

  • Sticker from Fleer set / 1970 Angels vs. Pilots ticket. [30k]

  • Pilots program from 1969 Spring Training. [64k]

  • A program from a Pilots vs. White Sox game—in Milwaukee! [61k]

  • A Pilots photo offer from Kodak. [50k]

  • A color photo of Gene Brabender at Sick's Stadium. [31k]

  • A color photo of Lou Piniella at Pilots Field. [36k]

  • A "mystery" player at Pilots Field. [49k]

  • A contest for teens at Westlake Mall. [33k]

  • Artist's conception of the Sick's Stadium remodel. [62k]

  • Team photo of the Vancouver Mounties. [63k]