I started this site because I never got to see a Pilots game with my dad. He traveled a lot on business and, of course, the Pilots traveled permanently after their first year in Seattle. When I grew up, I felt I'd missed out on something really important, so I started doing research into why the team left. I'm not rich enough to bring the Pilots back to Seattle, but this site is my small part to keep their memory alive.

I've had lots of fun jobs, most of which contributed in some way to my ability to create this site:

I was a writer and editor for the ESPN Arena Web site. As you may have guessed, I was the baseball guy, but my regular beat also included soccer, hockey, tennis and auto racing.

Before that, I was a DJ and sports director for KidStar, a national radio network that also published a magazine and maintained a very cool Web site and interactive phone system. During my four years at KidStar, I wrote a dramatic series about nature called In The Out Door and created the wildly-successful Comic Book News.

One of my KidStar trading cards.
I've also been a writer or producer for several national TV shows, including Love Connection, The Wil Shriner Show and an NBC series called 2Hip4TV that starred Colin Quinn and Ahmet Zappa and was sort of a precursor to Wayne's World…unfortunately for everyone involved, it was nowhere near as popular!

If you missed those, you probably saw my work when you went shopping in the early 1990s, because I produced all the in-store TV channels for about 5,000 retailers, including Nordstrom, Sears, J.C. Penney and Kids 'R' Us.

I spent four years on the air on KJET, one of the first commercial new wave radio stations in the U.S. and set up the format for KCMU (now KEXP), Seattle's longest-running alternative station.

I've interviewed hundreds of interesting people, including Monty Python's Graham Chapman, punk rock legends The Ramones, satirist Stan Freberg, baseball Hall of Famers Brooks Robinson and Duke Snider, real-life ghostbuster Joe Nickell and dozens of cartoon actors including Maurice LaMarche, June Foray, Rob Paulsen, Jim Cummings and Billy West.

These days, I work in the Starbucks legal department and am the permanent guest host of Shake The Shack on KEXP. I'm on Facebook, too, should you really want to learn more about me than what you already know!

Thanks for visiting!
Mike Fuller